Crashed Swiss Post drone recovered

(28 January)

Today, Monday, in the course of the morning, the Zurich city police recovered the Swiss Post drone which had come down into Lake Zurich. We are relieved that the drone was located in the presumed search area over the lake near Landi-Wiese park and was successfully salvaged by divers from the water police.  The drone is now in the safe hands of the forensic institute, where experts from the drone manufacturer, Matternet, will also be called in to help examine it. According to the city police, the parachute attached to the drone was lying next to it. If the drone registers unsolvable problems or deviates from its defined route, the rotors switch off and the parachute is triggered. As it descends towards the ground, it draws attention to itself by hooting and flashing.

Investigations will be carried out to determine why and how the drone was lost on its way from the Hirslanden Klinik im Park to Zurich’s central laboratory. Swiss Post and Matternet are assisting the relevant authorities with their inquiries, and is in contact with the Federal Office of Civil Aviation and the Zurich city police for this purpose. Security is a top priority for Swiss Post and Matternet, which is why its other drones will remain on the ground until the cause of the accident has been established.

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(25 January)

Swiss Post drone lost over Lake Zurich

Today, Friday, 25 January 2019, at 10.10 a.m., Swiss Post lost contact with one of its drones during a flight over Lake Zurich. The drone is of the type Matternet M2 V9, made by the American manufacturer Matternet. The exact cause of the incident and whereabouts of the drone are not yet known. What is known is that the drone was on its way from the Hirslanden Klinik im Park to Zurich’s central laboratory. It was transporting blood samples that had already been analysed. Until the cause of the crash has been made clear, the drones for the Lugano hospital and the University Hospital of Zurich will remain on the ground.

Swiss Post immediately informed the Zurich City Police and the Federal Office of Civil Aviation about the incident. Zurich city police have launched a search for the drone.

Swiss Post’s drones have so far successfully completed over 3,000 flights in Lugano, Berne and Zurich.

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