175 years old and still ahead in the global rankings – Swiss Post is simply world class

Swiss Post has been named the world’s best postal organization for the seventh consecutive time, topping the Universal Postal Union’s (UPU) rankings. The UPU evaluates postal organizations from a total of 172 countries annually, and Swiss Post achieved the highest score again this year. The company has been providing top-quality services for 175 years and will continue doing so in future. The award is deserved recognition for all of its staff, who work tirelessly for customers day and night.

Swiss Post sorts and delivers millions of parcels and letters each year, provides digital services and meets the needs of the Swiss people with its 47,000 staff. Quality has been at the heart of all Swiss Post’s activities for 175 years. “High quality standards and demand-led services are firmly embedded in our core business and DNA. It’s obviously part of our “Swiss Post of tomorrow” strategy, too,” says Roberto Cirillo, CEO of Swiss Post. For seven years, the company has been contending with external factors, such as coronavirus and the consequent rise in parcel volumes and supply chain problems. It has also been named the world’s best postal organization for seven years in a row – since the Universal Postal Union’s rankings began. The UPU evaluates 172 postal organizations each year based on clearly defined criteria and rates them in ten categories. Today, the UPU has published the latest results in its Integrated Index for Postal Development (2IPD). Swiss Post has consolidated its leading position again this year.

“High-quality services will always be what makes Swiss Post stand out”
It tops the highest category “Postal Excellence” along with four other postal organizations. Swiss Post impressed again this year with the high quality of its services and their relevance to the Swiss people – including beyond national borders. By pursuing its current “Swiss Post of tomorrow” strategy, Swiss Post is developing into a company that will continue to meet the needs of people and businesses. To do so, it is investing in its physical and digital products and continually evolving – to meet its customers’ requirements wherever they are, both now and in future.

“We need to continually evolve,” says Roberto Cirillo. “But it’s clearly high-quality services that will continue to set Swiss Post apart.” Swiss Post’s CEO underlines that the company’s employees thoroughly deserve the award: “I’d like to thank all our staff – those working in delivery and at the sorting centers as well as our IT specialists, technicians and managers focusing on the development and modernization of our infrastructure. But, equally, all of our other employees, who work in over 100 different professions to serve our customers.”


The UPU’s Integrated Index for Postal Development assesses the postal organizations of 172 countries based on their performance in terms of reliability, reach, relevance and resilience.

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