What does Swiss Post have to say about DHL’s plans in Switzerland?

The German company DHL is planning to have an increased presence in the Swiss parcel market. This announcement comes as no surprise to Swiss Post, in fact it has prepared for this eventuality.

If anybody thinks Swiss Post has a monopoly on the parcel market, they are wrong. For 14 years now Swiss Post has been in free competition, and the competition has been booming. The number of parcels in Switzerland is increasing all the time. This hasn’t escaped the notice of competitors abroad and in Switzerland. Now the German company DHL wants to increase its efforts in this sector. This is not a surprise for Swiss Post – quite the contrary, Swiss Post is ready for them.

For several years Swiss Post has had a share of around 80 percent of the parcel market, even though online trade has increased significantly. Swiss Post wants to maintain this share. It is doing so by investing in infrastructure. The construction of three new regional parcel centers at a cost of 150 million francs is just the first step. After 2020 more regional parcel centers will follow throughout Switzerland.

It is clear that Swiss Post cannot limit itself to the lucrative and booming business areas, in contrast to the competition. Swiss Post has a universal service obligation and regulatory directives to fulfil. As one of the biggest employers in Switzerland, Swiss Post has a social responsibility. It wants to remain an attractive and social employer in future and be able to pay above-average salaries within the sector. After all it is the employees who ensure the high quality and reliability of services.