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Swiss Post IT Campus in Lisbon: 32 employees are already working on the technology of tomorrow

Since February 2023, IT specialists from Portugal have been helping to continue the digitization of Swiss Post’s services. Swiss Post has already recruited 32 IT professionals at its new office location in the heart of Lisbon. As data analysts, cybersecurity specialists or software developers, they help to ensure that customers in Switzerland can continue to rely on Swiss Post in the future. Nuno Pedro, Head of the IT Campus in Lisbon, provides some insights.

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Inflation and rising energy prices: Swiss Post to adjust parcel prices for major customers from 2023

Rising energy and fuel prices as well as general inflation are leading to much higher costs in parcel logistics. Swiss Post is likely to incur additional costs of around 30 to 40 million francs in the parcel business for 2022. Swiss Post will bear these additional costs for 2022. From 2023, however, moderate price adjustments are unavoidable in order to pass on some of the costs. Swiss Post will be introducing a variable energy surcharge and an inflation surcharge for parcels from 2023. This will affect some 3,500 business customers who have individually agreed prices. Business customers who have list prices and private customers will not be affected. The inflation surcharge will be 1.9 percent of the parcel price. The energy surcharge is variable and is based on the average monthly prices for diesel, petrol and electricity.

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Swiss Post and the railways − an inseparable duo

Announced today: SBB Cargo to continue to transport parcels, letters and newspapers on behalf of Swiss Post. Swiss Post has extended the contract with its long-time partner for the years 2023 to 2026. But just how important are the railways for Swiss Post?

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