“Your solidarity deserves to be commemorated”

Swiss Post is sending its own signal of solidarity and trust – with the “COVID-19 Solidarity” stamp. The proceeds will be used to support people who are in urgent need of help. The money will be split between Swiss Solidarity and the Swiss Red Cross. Over 500 000 francs have been raised so far. Swiss Post CEO Roberto Cirillo explains that this solidarity is one of Switzerland’s distinguishing features – especially in these difficult times.

Why has Swiss Post launched the special stamp?

We want to show and exemplify solidarity. The current situation presents many challenges in our lives. But I’ve also seen glimmers of hope – solidarity. Some people are going shopping for strangers. Hospital staff are pushing themselves to the limit to care for others. Our own employees are doing an incredible job to ensure Switzerland keeps on running. We celebrate historic moments and sporting achievements on our stamps, and I think the solidarity being shown in the current situation deserves to be commemorated, too. It’s also about lending a helping hand. People are on the breadline due to the crisis and are in desperate circumstances. That’s why we want to make a contribution and support Swiss Solidarity and the Red Cross.

Roberto Cirillo, CEO der Post

Have you already bought the stamp yourself?

Yes, I bought two sheets and will use the stamps on personal letters to friends and family. But I’d also like to keep a few as a reminder of these extraordinary times.


Over 500,000 Swiss francs have been raised so far. Are you pleased with that?

Yes, absolutely delighted. You have to remember that the stamp costs 50 francs, which is why we’re not receiving particularly large donations. 11’681 sheets have been sold. That means solidarity has been shown 11’681 times. The stamp has even been bought by people abroad.

Details on the stamp:

The stamp costs five francs, and Swiss Post will bear the face value of one franc.

Help us to help others! By purchasing these stamps, you are showing solidarity alongside Swiss Post: you donate 50 francs, and Swiss Post gives you stamps worth 10 francs.

The stamps are available as a sheet of 10 for 50 francs at postshop.ch (LINK) or can be ordered by phoning 0848 66 55 44.

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